Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Please Sign our Petition to Save the Village Centre

Our Kennington Village Centre is about to have a Noise Abatement Order served upon it.

This might not sound like much, but it would prevent any activity making use of a sound system, i.e. microphone, music and so on. This would affect fund raising for all charities such as our popular KADS and pantomime each year; dance classes; tap and ballet; birthday parties; wedding celebrations; and so on.

This loss of revenue to the Village Centre would mean rates for all other uses go up by an estimated five times. You can imagine that many of them would leave -- karate classes, Horticultural Society meetings, WI meetings, Parish Council, and so on.

The final result would be a collapse in the funding that keeps our Village Centre alive, and the Village Centre would close. This would also affect the library, which so many of you have been helping to save from closure.

Remember, Kennington Villagers paid for this Village Centre to be built and maintained. It is a heartbeat for our village.

My name is Paul Burton, and I lived opposite the Village Centre since 1982. Yes, I do hear the noises of people enjoying themselves from the Village Centre; but then, I knew that when I bought the house. Likewise, I also hear the noise from the railway, from the Tandem and from the Kennington Road.

But, I moved there knowing all of these things, and it helps me feel connected to the lifeblood of Kennington.

When I heard that the Kennington Village Centre might close, I was deeply moved and so I have started a Campaign to Save Kennington Village Centre.

Please sign the petition to show your support for Kennington Village Centre.
To do so, see the Village Centre Noticeboard, or call me, Paul Burton, at my home, 179 Kennington Road, OX1 5PG.

If you feel as I do, and you would like to help get involved in any way, contact me. My details are on the right.